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Austin Tattoo Removal Experts

AD Tattoo Removal is Austin's leading provider of laser tattoo removal.  The Laser Removal Practitioners at our clinic have years of experience in tattoo application.  Do not trust someone who is not familiar with teh variety of tattoo inks, forms of application and history.  Our removal clinic is located inside of a tattoo shop, and our expert practitioners wil give you the best results, knowledge and expertise for your tattoo removal.  

With laser tattoo removal in Austin, it is important to trust your procedure to licensed, certified practitioners who are educated and experienced in tattoo application and removal.  A variety of lasers are used for cosmetic procedures, but a tattoo removal laser is different in important ways from a laser used for hair removal.  Get educated on the laser your technician will be using so that your skin does not end up scarred and damaged.

Are you interested in removing, altering, or even lightening your tattoo for cover up? We offer the highest quality laser tattoo removal using a Q Switched Ng:Yag Laser with remarkable results. The Q Switch is specifically designed for removing tattoos.

The cost of laser tattoo removal is $150-$200 per session. That covers approximately 2-4 square inches. Most tattoos do take multiple sessions to completely remove, although some of them come off with just a few treatments, others could take up to ten treatments.  

Laser Tattoo Removal – Based on Size 
2”x2” or smaller – 1 session $150, 
4”x4” or smaller – 1 session $200,  
Larger/Multiple Tattoos – By consultation 

3 session package $299, 
5 session package $450, 
10 session package $800 (2 free sessions)
4"x4" package
3 session package $399
5 session package $700, 
10 session package $1,300 (2 free sessions)

Larger Tattoos will be priced according to size/coverage and ability to treat successfully.  You can book your appointment/consultation below or call us at 512.520.9771.

For more Q&A, visit our laser removal site.  ADTattooRemoval.com

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